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Introduction and Application of Aviation Power Supply

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Introduction and Application of Aviation Power Supply


Aviation Power System

Aviation Power System Standards: Key to Ensuring Safe Aircraft Operation

With the expansion of global air transportation and the rapid development of aviation technology, a stable power system has become a key factor in ensuring the continuous operation of aircraft. International aviation units have developed a series of aviation regulations, such as MIL-STD-704F, RTCA DO160G, ABD0100, GJB181A, etc., aimed at standardizing the power supply characteristics of aircraft electrical equipment to ensure that the aircraft can still operate normally under various power supply conditions.    

Aircraft Power supply system is the core of the aircraft, its working state can be divided into six: Normal , Abnormal , Transfer , Emergency , Starting and power Failure . These states have specific test items to verify that the equipment meets the range of safety standards set out in aviation regulations, Related Avionics equipment such as Auto Transformer units, Transformer Rectifier units, avionics, Cabin Entertainment systems, etc.The aviation industry has established strict standards for aircraft power supply systems, dividing them into two types: AC and DC. The AC voltage range is 115V/230V, the DC voltage range is 28Vdc~270Vdc, and the frequency is divided into three ranges: 400Hz, 360Hz~650Hz, and 360Hz~800Hz.

The MIL-STD-704F regulations include SAC (single-phase 115V/400Hz), TAC (three-phase 115V/400Hz), SVF (single-phase 115V/360-800Hz), TVF (three-phase 115V/360-800Hz), and SXF (single-phase 115V/360-800Hz) /60Hz), LDC (28V DC), and HDC (270V DC). The company has introduced a series of programmable AC power supplies that simulate and assist in multiple tests to the MIL-STD-704 standard with a wide range of output voltages and frequencies, providing users with a variety of test options to verify compliance with aircraft power systems.

For aviation and defense related equipment, AC 400Hz and DC 28V are essential specifications for input voltage. In recent years, due to the rapid development of technology, 800Hz and DC 270V are the requirements of the new generation. Compared with the usual industrial or civilian power specifications, aviation and defense have more stringent requirements for power supply. In addition to providing pure power supply, good voltage stability and distortion, they also have certain requirements for protection, overload, and impact resistance. They also need to comply with MIL-STD-704F, which is a greater test for power suppliers.

When the aircraft is docked, the ground power supply will be converted to 400HZ or 800Hz to supply the aircraft for related maintenance, the traditional power supply is mostly provided by the generator, but due to space, noise, energy saving and stability and other related factors, many users gradually changed to static power supply. The company's AMF series can provide stable 400Hz or 800Hz power supply, with IP54 protection grade, overload capacity can withstand more than twice, suitable for ground power supply for airborne or military equipment, for outdoor or hangar can be used.

Aviation military 400Hz power supply

Featured Functions

1. High overload capacity & high protection level

The AMF series is an intermediate frequency power supply specially designed for outdoor use, its protection level is up to IP54, the whole machine is triple-protected, and the main components are reinforced to ensure applicability in harsh environments. In addition, for inductive loads such as motors or compressors, the AMF series has a high overload capacity of 125%, 150%, 200%, and can be extended to 300%, suitable for dealing with high starting current loads, and significantly reduce the acquisition cost.

2. High power density

AMF series intermediate frequency power supply, with industry-leading size and weight, has a higher power density than the general market power supply, volume compared to up to 50% difference, weight difference of up to 40%, so that in the product installation and movement, more flexible and convenient.

High power density

If there is a DC demand, the ADS series can provide 28V or 270V DC power supply, with strong impact resistance and overload capacity, and has been widely used for power supply of motor related equipment.

High power DC power supply

Featured Functions

1. Aviation military power supply

ADS can provide stable DC power supply and strong overload capability, which is suitable for the factory and acceptance of airborne equipment in the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry.

Aviation military power supply

2. Overload capacity

ADS can be overloaded up to three times the rated current and has strong shock resistance, making it suitable for start-up, production testing or maintenance of inductive loads, such as aircraft engines, generators and motor-related products.

Overload capacity

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