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Electric vehicle AC-DC charging pile test system

This system can mainly provide AC charging pile related electrical characteristics test and communication protocol test, and integrate and optimize test projects based on relevant standards. It can simulate the actual charging pile in operation, output power and communication at the same time, and test whether the magnetic field generated by the charging pile in the process of high-power transmission will affect and interfere with communication. It can also simulate the corresponding protection action of the charging pile when the guiding signal voltage changes during the charging process.

Product features

* High-power charging pile test platform: independently developed and designed high-power power supply and load, can meet the various power range of charging pile test.
* Flexible system architecture: can be adjusted according to customer needs.
* Can meet the form of charging gun connector test applications in various countries.
* Can test whether the control signal can perform corresponding protective actions under various working conditions.
* Has leakage current, insulation and other performance tests.
* Humanized software operating platform, quickly get started.

System architecture


List of instruments and equipment


AC power supply

Industrial Computer

Digital storage oscilloscope

Display screen (Operating software)

Three-color indicator

High-Power Load

Test/Stop button

Barcode scanner

Test the signal control box

Digital electric meters

Safety tester

Input/output Voltage. Current meter

Charging pile input power interface (Single phase/three phase)

Charging gun connectors by country

Test system key advantages
The test system combines the charging gun types and specifications of various countries, in addition to complying with a number of electric vehicle charging pile related electrical and safety regulations, but also adopts a flexible system design, can be combined into different test system architectures according to customer needs or existing instruments and equipment, and automatically produce test results and record reports. In addition, with high-power power supply and load, models and power segments are rich, providing cost-effective and reliable test solutions.