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TPMS solutions

Introducing our state-of-the-art Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), designed to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.  Our TPMS utilizes cutting-edge electronic sensors to monitor the air pressure within each vehicle's tires, providing you with real-time information to help you maintain optimal tire pressure levels for safe driving.
Whether you drive a long-haul truck, a passenger vehicle such as an SUV, or an RV, our TPMS is compatible with a variety of vehicles, making it the perfect choice for all your driving needs.

TPMS Passenger cars solution


Working voltage

2.0V ~ 4.0V

Working temperature

-40 ~ 125℃

Storage temperature

-40 ~ 125℃

RF operating frequency


RF FSK frequency offset


RF Symbol Rate


High frequency transmission power


Static current

1.5uA @3.0V

Emission current

9mA @3.0V

Air pressure detection range


Pressure measurement accuracy

≤ 6 KPa @(0~70℃)

≤ 12KPa @(-20~0℃,70~85℃)

≤ 19KPa @(-40~-20℃,85~125℃)

Temperature detection range

-40 ~ 125℃

Temperature measurement accuracy

≤ 3℃ @(-20~70℃)

≤ 5℃ @(-40~-20℃,70~125℃)

TPMS Commercial Vehicle Solutions


• Built-in sensor: car gauge battery, long life; Anti-interference design, signal stability; Built-in tire, anti-theft;
• CAN-BUS receiver: 24V vehicle power supply can-bus transmission, with the original car screen display
• Signal repeater: waterproof class IPX7, installation method: screw fixed
• Vehicle display: independent LCD display, real-time accurate numerical display, multi-wheel selection, rich application scenarios, up to 22 tires, 24V on-board power supply, customizable structure, high temperature resistance, explosion-proof.


TPMS Post-installation solution

Built-in sensor:Built in ≤ 32g ,Battery life ≥ 10 years
External sensors:External≤9g,Battery life ≥2 years