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ADS Series - High power DC power supply

Power Supply

ADS Series - High power DC power supply


ADS series is a DC power supply with high stability and strong impulse current resistance, suitable for inductive loads, such as motor equipment, production testing, maintenance, generators, aircraft engines, laboratories, etc., suitable for aviation and military related DC power simulation test.

Output capacity up to 180kW, maximum current up to 1500A, and can withstand 3 times overload, the output voltage can be selected 28V±10% or 270V ±10%, suitable for the new generation of aviation and military applications, there is also a pallet type optional, easy to move. The 28V output model meets the MIL-STD-704F/GJB-181B specification.


    Specification Parameter



    Protective device

    Over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection

    Cooling mode

    Fan forced cooling

    Working environment

    Anti-dust (carbon brush powder and dust), ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, 0 ~ 90% (non-condensing state) continuous work

    Insulation reactance

    Output to housing ≧ 10MΩ (500Vdc)

    Voltage insulation

     Input to the shell 1500Vac / 1min no flare breakdown phenomenon (judging current 10mA)


    < 65dB

    Remote control (optional)

    RS - 232,RS - 485,dry contact

    Product features

    ◆ SCR design DC power supply, high stability, strong impact resistance, long service life.
    ◆ Aviation military voltage: 28V±10% or 270V±10%.
    ◆ Output current range 50A to 1500A, maximum instant overload to 4500A.
    ◆ With impulse current resistance, suitable for high-impact aircraft electric, generator, engine starting, etc.
    ◆ The use of fixed voltage and current limit can automatically cross transform, maintain control and protection characteristics.
    ◆ Multiple protection functions, with over voltage, over current, short circuit, over temperature protection functions.
    ◆ RS-232, RS-485 communication interface and dry contact can be selected to achieve remote control.


    ◆ Aviation Military
    ◆ Aircraft
    ◆ Heliport
    ◆ Aircraft final assembly factory
    ◆ Engine Shed
    ◆ Test flight station
    ◆ Maintenance station
    ◆ Public Transportation
    ◆ Industrial power supply


    Aviation military power supply

    ADS can provide stable DC power supply and strong overload capability, which is suitable for the factory and acceptance of airborne equipment in the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry.


    Overload capacity

    ADS can be overloaded up to three times the rated current and has strong shock resistance, making it suitable for start-up, production testing or maintenance of inductive loads, such as aircraft engines, generators and motor-related products.

    High stability

    ADS series is SCR phase-shifted DC power supply, using power frequency transformer structure, high quality SCR devices and mature three-phase 6-pulse or 12-pulse (to be customized) rectification technology, not only can provide stable, pure and reliable DC power, but also can quickly detect overvoltage, overcurrent, over-mild output short circuit protection through the internal control circuit. It has the characteristics of high power, simple device, simple structure, high stability, strong impact resistance and long service life.

    Ordering information

    ADS Series DC output (50A-1500A)

    Model number



    Dc power supply (1.5kW/28V/50A)


    Dc power supply (3kW/28V/100A)


    Dc power supply (6kW/28V/200A)


    Dc power supply (9kW/28V/300A)


    Dc power supply (12kW/28V/400A)


    Dc power supply (15kW/28V/500A)


    Dc power supply (18kW/28V/600A)


    Dc power supply (24kW/28V/800A)


    Dc power supply (30kW/28V/1000A)


    Dc power supply (45kW/28V/1500A)


    Overload output 3 times rated current


    RS-232 Communication interface


    RS-485 Communication interface


    Dry contact

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