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AMF Series - Aviation military 400Hz power supply

Power Supply

AMF Series - Aviation military 400Hz power supply


AMF series is an intermediate frequency power supply specially designed for aviation and military industry, which can be widely used in airports, aircraft maintenance stations, hangars, assembly bases, laboratories and other places to provide stable 400Hz power supply, which is conducive to users for testing, aging, or power supply applications.

The output voltage is 115/200V ±10%, convenient for simple voltage adjustment, the output frequency is fixed at 400Hz or adjustable at 350-450Hz, optional overload capacity, corresponding protection for back electromotive force, suitable for motor motor load, can be selected according to customer's application.


    Specification Parameter 



    Output Power

    Single phase:500 VA~100kVA
    Three phases:6kVA~400kVA

    Output Voltage

    115/200V ±10%

    Output Frequency

    400Hz /300-500 Hz/ 800 Hz (opt)


    ≦0.5~ 2% (Resistive Load)

    Load Regulation

    ≦0.5~ 2% (Resistive Load)


    Three phases: ≧ 87-92% at Max. Power

    Operational Temperature

    -40℃ ~ 55℃

    IP Level


    Overload Capacity

    120% / 1 hr,150% / 60 s,200% / 15 s

    Product features

    ◆ Four-digit meter head can display output voltage, current, frequency at the same time, and can switch to display each phase voltage and line voltage, the test information is clear at a glance.
    ◆ Overload capacity, 120% /60mins,150%/60secs,200%/15secs.
    ◆ Can withstand three-phase unbalanced load.
    ◆ Can withstand the load side of the back electromotive force, more suitable for motor, compressor load.
    ◆ Meet the test power requirements MIL-STD-704F, GJB181B, GJB572A.
    ◆Complete protection function, when detecting overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overtemperature, the corresponding protection.
    ◆ The inverter adopts modular design, with design patents, compact structure, smaller volume, high power density, and easy to maintain.


    ◆ Aviation Military
    ◆ Military testing and verification
    ◆ Maintenance of military parts
    ◆ Maintenance hangar

    Featured functions

    1. High overload capacity & high protection level
    The AMF series is an intermediate frequency power supply specially designed for outdoor use, its protection level is up to IP54, the whole machine is triple-protected, and the main components are reinforced to ensure applicability in harsh environments. In addition, for inductive loads such as motors or compressors, the AMF series has a high overload capacity of 125%, 150%, 200%, and can be extended to 300%, suitable for dealing with high starting current loads, and significantly reduce the acquisition cost.

    2. High power density
    AMF series intermediate frequency power supply, with industry-leading size and weight, has a higher power density than the general market power supply, volume compared to up to 50% difference, weight difference of up to 40%, so that in the product installation and movement, more flexible and convenient.

    High power density6ht

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