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Intelligent Exhaust Temperature Sensor


Intelligent Exhaust Temperature Sensor


N-type thermocouple is a commonly used temperature measuring element in temperature measuring instruments. It measures temperature directly and converts the temperature signal into a thermoelectric motive force signal.The temperature of the measured medium can be converted by the control box and output by a standard digital signal.The appearance of various thermocouples is often very different due to needs, but their basic structure is generally the same, usually composed of main parts such as thermal electrodes, insulation sleeves, protective tubes, and junction boxes.



    The N-type thermocouple has the advantages of good linearity, high thermoelectric electromotive force, high sensitivity, good stability and uniformity, strong antioxidant performance, low price, and not affected by short-range ordering. Its comprehensive performance is superior to the K-type thermocouple.The two important drawbacks of K-type thermocouples are the instability of thermoelectric electromotive force caused by the short-range lattice order of nickel chromium alloy between 300 and 500℃; Unstable thermoelectric potential caused by selective oxidation of nickel chromium alloy at around 800 ℃.
    Intelligent temperature sensor elbow optional, bending Angle: 0~120°, limit depth: 30~100mm; Armored thermocouple: imported thermocouple armored, packaging process, precision, signal stability, high reliability, long service life; Compensation wire: resistance to 300℃ high temperature KC compensation wire, with shielding layer to avoid model interference; CAN box waterproof wire immersed fixed groove design; Connector: TE brand N-type thermocouple special connector; Transmission and CAN communication: in line with CAN 2.0A/B, ISO11898, fixed 250KB bit rate, three-way sensor signal transmission, short circuit, short circuit diagnosis. 


    • High measuring accuracy and large measuring range
    • High mechanical strength, good pressure resistance
    • High stability and reliability, long service life

    • Diesel engine exhaust post-treatment system

    Inductive property



    Thermocouple index number

    N-type CLASS Ⅰ

    Induction principle

    Thermocouple is the use of thermoelectric potential for temperature measurement, directly used to measure the temperature of the medium is called the working end (also known as the measurement end), the other end is called the cold end (also known as the compensation end);The cold end is connected to a display instrument or a matching instrument, which indicates the thermoelectric potential generated by the thermocouple.


    Sensor effective output accuracy

    ±5℃ @-40℃ ~ 649.99℃

    ±1%ItI @650℃ ~ 950℃

    Probe reference input accuracy

    ±1.5℃ @-40℃ ~ 375℃

    ±0.4%ItI @375℃ ~ 950℃

    Number of ways

    Four routes and two lines (customizable)

    Measuring temperature range

    -40℃ to  950℃ 

    Mechanical appearance

    Mechanical appearancet5z

    Material information



    1. N-type thermocouple

    variable diameter 4.5mm MAX 1.9mm MIN

    2. Flange

    SUS316(Customizable size)

    3. Nuts

    SUS316(Customizable size)

    4. Variable diameter handle


    5. Thermocouple compensation wire

    N-type CLASS Ⅰ(Conductor diameter 0.5mm2)

    6. Protective sleeve

    Silicon coated glass fiber tube (material and size can be customized)

    7. Control box

    Four-routes CAN communication (Connector peer type TYCO 4-1418390-1)

    7-1. Plastic body+accessories

    Plastic PA66+30%GF

    7-2. MCU


    7-3. AD chip


    7-4. Cold end compensation chip


    7-5. PCB Board + other electronic components 


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