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Shenzhen sensor industry enters the fast lane

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Shenzhen sensor industry enters the fast lane

2024-01-02 14:21:08

The "Shenzhen Action Plan to Cultivate and Develop Smart Sensor Industry Clusters (2022-2025)" issued last year proposed that the added value of the smart sensor industry will reach 8 billion yuan by 2025, and a new batch of specialized and new "little giants", manufacturing "Individual champion" and "unicorn" enterprise in the industry. Break through a number of core smart sensor technologies and lay out a number of high-level innovation platforms with advanced technology, outstanding features and complementary advantages.

The "Several Measures of Shenzhen City on Promoting the Accelerated Development of the Smart Sensor Industry" issued in December last year also proposed to promote industrial development from aspects such as improving industrial public service capabilities, building core technology competitiveness, and strengthening market-driven development capabilities.

Wu Ruojun, president of the Shenzhen Intelligent Sensor Industry Association and chairman of Ampelon Technology, said that with the continuous release of policy dividends, the Shenzhen sensor industry has entered the fast lane of development, and the industry's collaborative innovation capabilities have continued to increase. In the first half of this year, the added value of industries above designated size in Shenzhen increased by 3.9% year-on-year. Among the major industry categories, the added value of the automobile manufacturing industry above designated size increased by 89.7%, and the electricity and heat production and supply industry increased by 22.7%, opening up a broad space for the development of smart sensors.

How to become stronger next? Jiang Yong, executive chairman of the Shenzhen Intelligent Sensing Industry Association, suggested that efforts should be focused on building a common industry technology platform, promoting product demonstration applications, increasing the training of interdisciplinary talents, giving play to the leading role of leading enterprises, and strengthening industrial mergers and acquisitions.

Jiang Yong pointed out that for common key technologies, such as design, manufacturing, testing, etc., carry out innovative research and development of common basic theories, key core technologies, and common software and hardware products to promote the sustainable development of intelligent microsystem technology ecology.

At the same time, we will work with universities and scientific research institutions to cultivate multi-field and multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary talents and engineering talents. Explore new ideas for in-depth integration of industry, academia and research, transform first-class disciplines into first-class industries, and first-class research into first-class products.

In the process of strengthening, leading companies can effectively integrate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, promote integrated innovation, solve "stuck neck" problems, fragmentation problems, and supply chain problems caused by systemic failures, and lead companies toward internationalization.